Project Preview


Our existing projects in Argentina will remain one of our main focus areas. These projects are making very good progress due to the great support by Gudrun and Josef.
At the moment, special attention is paid to the project “La Mascotta” which is serving lunch to the children in the slums. But in the mid-term we would like to reach more than that: Our vision is to set up a similar institution as we have at Maria Marta’s “Luceros de Benavidez”. That means, in the mid-term we are planning to offer homework support and a variety of workshops like handcrafting, cooking, gardening, sewing etc. Also, we would like to provide special training in order to improve hygiene. It is a long way to go and only possible by raising additional money.
Furthermore, we are still in contact with the home for orphans in Capilla del Senor. We are supporting them by funding a person trained in psychology. This is very important for the development of the children as most of them were mistreated and abused.
Other than that, the situation at the orphans’ home can be recognized as exemplary, especially due to the involvement of Nelly who tackles the job with determination. Due to her effort and fundraising campaigns, the place has been completely renovated and skilled people were hired to take care of the children.


After we decided to support the orphans’ homes “Kibaha” and “Stehmann Haus”, we now would like to try to find as many sponsorships as possible for the orphans. In case you are interested in a sponsorship, please contact us. We will provide you with a contact in Tanzania and will help you in looking for a child who you would like to sponsor.
In 2007, at the Stehmann Haus in Tanga, a training bakery was established founded by the Paulchen-Esperanza foundation. Some of the girls are getting an apprenticeship here. This is important because there are too few opportunities for girls in Tanzania to receive a professional education. Following the philosophy of the Stehmann Haus, the girls should only be released after they are able to earn their livelihood. Now, our aim is to set up a training hotel in Tanga, so that more girls can be provided with an apprenticeship. With such training it wouldn’t be too difficult to get a job at an international hotel as tourism is a growing branch in Tanzania.

Sri Lanka

In 2006, we renovated a play school on Sri Lanka. Also, it was decided to build a new play school which is planned to be finished in 2008. During our trip in July 2007, we also visited some other play schools that also need a renovation. We are planning to do that over the next years.
Another goal is the allocation of scholarships for talented, indigent, young women in order to enable them to pursue studies. Up to now, the foundation is supporting three women but there should be more than that.
Also here is an option for taking over a sponsorship.