Christmas Letter

Dear friends of the Paulchen Esperanza Foundation,
Once again, a year has passed by and I would sincerely like to thank you on behalf of all children, field help and volunteers for your generous support. Especially in times of economic turmoil, we heavily rely on your financial support in order to grow our projects and allow for a promising future for our children.Again and again, I am deeply touched by the generosity of many of our friends. It occurs increasingly often that friends of ours refrain from receiving gifts on their birthdays or on other occasions in order to share their personal happiness with others who need it. For this, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude! Today, I would like to bring a project to your attention which I already mentioned in my last Christmas letter. With the help of the organization Dr.Lupo, we bought a house in Garin for the organization LEP of Humberto Delmagro in November of last year. This house has been rebuilt and since the beginning of this year, it serves as a home of health and education. Here, people from the neighbourhood are attended to – people who otherwise would not have the possibility to get medical treatment. In addition to that, people get the chance to graduate and I am happy to let you know that already 200 adults have applied for this. I would call this a spectacular start! On our trip to Sri Lanka last summer, we opened up the first construction stage of the Esperanza Medical Center. Also at this place, it is our goal to provide medical treatment to people who otherwise would not have the chance to receive it. The Center will be funded by people who are able to pay for their treatment and by a large body of doctors who are volunteering. A big surprise to us was the generous donation from an Optician, Mr Zumhagen from Oelde. Mr. Zumhagen donated an ultra modern device that determines visual resolution. Now, this device will be shipped to the Medical Center where it certainly will be used very frequently. This is fantastic because in addition, we are going to hand out hundreds of donated glasses. Other great news is that we have purchased a device allowing for the production of natural medicine in order to facilitate and accelerate the treatment of snakebites and bone problems. With that device we can help save many human lives in an isolated area of Sri Lanka. With his medicine, the practitioner treats four to five snakebites free of charge per week. You may be able to imagine how much this device is appreciated by the people who live in that region. In June of this year, my husband and I also visited Tanzania. We are happy to let you know that the orphanage in Kibaha that we are supporting has been completed and is now awaiting the referral of orphans. Unfortunately, it will need to overcome some bureaucratic hurdles in Tanzania. However, the orphanage is so beautiful, so we look forward meeting many happy children on our next visit. In October, we participated in an exhibition of the Sri Lanka association of Hamburg at the Hamburg town hall. That was really exciting; when else do you get the opportunity to present your work to such a large audience? Because we are enthusiastic runners, we have succeeded in setting up a runner’s circle. Everybody who runs with us gets a jersey of the Paulchen Esperanza Foundation. It would be really nice if we can rouse our co-runner’s and the audience’s interest for the foundation with this activity. We ran the marathon in Muenster/Westfalen and a variety of other races in Germany this year. Unfortunately, the economic turmoil and unstable situation of the financial markets are not yet a thing of the past as we all might have hoped in the past year. More than ever, we have to fight for the weakest members of our society who otherwise will bear even more misery. We would like to continue trying to provide a perspective and raise hope for at least a few of them. Having you supporting us in doing so is just wonderful. Once again, from the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you for that. Should you ever consider travelling to one of the countries where we have projects, please find time to come by. I promise you will journey on seeing things from a different perspective. It is definitely worth it! Last but not least, I would like wish you and your families a peaceful and merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2012. Cordially Petra Hammelmann

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