Christmas letter

Dear friends and supporters of ‚Paulchen Esperanza Stiftung‘!

Slowly but surely 2012 is approaching its end – time to reflect about what it has been all about. First and foremost I want to express my heartfelt thanks for your generous donations. I do this in the name of all the children we jointly support and our dedicated staff in all countries. This year’s achievements would not be what they are without your financial and your many other contributions.

‘Paulchen Esperanza’ is reaching out to more and more people around the globe. I would like to share the following examples for our successful networking activities:


Desert Runs by Anne-Marie Flammersfeld for ‚Paulchen Esperanza‘

Anne-Marie herself came up with the idea to ‚Run for Paulchen‘ across four of the most famous deserts. She had the greatest of success (Congratulations Anne-Marie!) and has therewith drawn the attention of so many more people to our charity work.

Anne-Marie joined us mid-November when we visited our projects in Argentina. At the same time she led a Runners’ Workshop for children that again was a stunning success – and maybe the beginning of a runner’s career for a child or two. By the way after her stay in Buenos Aires she had yet to start her last desert run in the Antarctic.


The ‚Paulchen Esperanza Runners Team

was successful again in a number of fun races and marathons this year – a continuing effort in attracting attention in the middle of a crowd that enjoys running together.


NPO ‚Tatort - Strassen der Welt

‚Tatort’ is a German television series, which signifies ‘lieu of crime’ – so it’s in the ‚streets of the world‘ (‘Strassen der Welt’), or around the corner, that bad things may be happening. We are very happy we could make contact with this professional organisation last year and that we got invited to a trip to the Philippines in February. We were thoroughly introduced to the projects of Father Shay Cullen and the organisation PREDA. It was surely one of the highlights of this year to learn about their work: ‘Tatort – Strassen der Welt‘ has joined us in our trip to Argentina.


The Honorary Consulate for Sri Lanka in Hamburg

Many thanks to Mr. Ellerbrock, the Honorary Counsel for Sri Lanka. We had the almost impossible mission to ship 1,000 pairs of glasses and a refractometer to Sri Lanka. Mr. Ellerbrock not only organized the transportation in a very professional way but he also paid for it! Months later the shipment reached its final destination in good shape – thank you again Mr. Ellerbrock!


As you can see networking is important for a charity organisation such as ours, and we will continue to emphasize on this important activity in the coming year.


Following is a short overview of the ongoing ‚Paulchen Esperanza‘ activities and projects in the different countries:


Sri Lanka

More than 6,000 patients have been treated in the new hospital in the city of Galle, which has been active for about one year. Financing this activity is still a challenge for us as most of the patients do not possess any money to pay for the services. The construction of the building is not completed yet therefore more support is needed.


We renovated another kinder garden next to the village of Kandy. Yet again we are surprised and happy to see how much we can do with a very reasonable amount of money!


The scholarships we introduced last year are a wonderful success. A number of female students have already successfully passed their exams!



We are particularly proud to report that the first children moved into the orphanage ‚Kibaha‘ next to the city of Dar es Salaam. A long lasting project finally starts its promising journey...



‚Paulchen Mobil’ is our new car and the joy of Gudrun and Josef. Obviously we have applied our ‘Paulchen’ logo that has already attracted a lot of attention in the area. Paulchen Mobil is our new transportation means to bring the donated goods onto our projects’ premises.


In general all projects in Argentina are working very well thanks to our many support staff on site. Maria Marta’s and Humberto’s classes are always well booked and the medical treatments in Humberto’s new Health and Training Centre are highly frequented.


It is also important to report on the positive development in La Mascota. We had not invested here for a while as the organisation had decided to not offer any kind of classes any more. This is happening again and we are grateful to see this, in particular because this area needs a lot of support indeed.


‚El Jaguel‘, the children’s home, is still not in good shape. Almost everything is missing here. We try to help by providing psychological support for the children. Much more is needed, for sure.


Last but not least I would like to thank our many friends who had reasons to party this year but did not ask for presents. Instead they collected money that they donated to ‚Paulchen Esperanza Stiftung‘. This is such a generous gesture and I thank everybody very much in the name of all children.


In closing I wish you, your family and friends a merry and peaceful Christmas. Watch out for your health and please come and visit one of our projects – it will be time well spent!



Truly yours,

Petra Hammelmann

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