Christmas Greetings 2013


Dear Paulchen Esperanza Friends,


Time to say ‚thank you‘, like we always do at the end of each year. ‘Thank you’ in the name of all children and our support teams for your generous contributions. It is your personal engagement that enables us to further develop our projects and provide children with more quality in their lives and, in particular, with a perspective for a better future.


Events 2013

High performance runner and ‚Desert Queen‘ Anne Marie Flammersfeld has officially been nominated ‚Ambassador‘ for the Paulchen Esperanza organisation. In March she hosted a charity dinner in the Engadin area of Switzerland which yielded a high-value donation for our ‘Paulchen’ projects.


In May we participated in the German Development Aid Day in Hamburg. Non-stop rain did not prevent us to proudly presenting our program covering diverse areas of our activity, supported by Gudrun and Josef from Argentina as well as six former trainees.


In June we had the opportunity to present our activities in Tanzania during an exhibition on the occasion of the town twinning between Hamburg and Dar es Salaam. Later in the month we frenetically welcomed the participants of the old timer rally Beijing – Paris upon their arrival. My brother-in-law’s car as well as four other old timers were decorated with the ‘Paulchen Esperanza’ logo – a big thank you to all the drivers promoting us!


In July Anne Marie Flammersfeld ran for us again – this time carrying ‚Paulchen‘ as a stuffed animal in her backpack. As the first human being she ran from the lowest point in Switzerland (Ascona) to the highest, the peak of Dufour. Please refer to our website for a little taster, produced by the accompanying film team.


Last but not least ‚CONCEPT‘ Wealth Management invited Anne-Marie Flammersfeld to participate in a Social Responsibility Event in September to talk about her running experience and performance in front of a selected audience. The next evening she was recognized on the occasion of the annual event ‚OWL-zeigt-Herz‘ (‘OWL shows compassion’) and received a sizeable check for Paulchen Esperanza.


Projects 2013


The most significant changes are ahead of us in ARGENTINA. After nine years in the country Gudrun and Josef have decided to return to Germany. We thank both of them very much for their extraordinary work in all these years and are extremely happy that also going forward they will stay connected with Paulchen Esperanza.


The children’s home El Jaguel has been converted into a youth center by the government, i.e. that only young adults aged 14 to 17 years can be hosted. After a few issues in the start- up phase we are happy to report that everything is running smoothly again.


Hamburg, November 2013Fortunately there are nothing but good news from Maria Marta and Los Luceros. The project continues to be very successful, and a ‘Secundaria’ has recently been added to the site which means that also slightly older people can perform their final school exams in Los Luceros.


We are equally satisfied with the reports from LEP, Humberto Delmagro’s organisation. At LEP we wer

e able to install a chemical laboratory thanks to a special donation, and the chemical classes are much more fun now!



In SRI LANKA we are still in the process of developing the Hope Medical Center in Galle. A number of people are obtaining daily treatment, and special health days are being carried out successfully, such as children’s cardio or eye days. However, we are still lacking funds in order to complete the hospital. All the more we admire and respect Anoma, our local doctor, who is performing her tasks free of charge and in addition to her other duties at work and at her own home.


The kindergartens that ‚Paulchen‘ built and renovated in Sri Lanka are well liked in the communities and the alumni are very diligent. Some of them already achieved academic awards! We would like to thank Anslem who manages these projects on a voluntary basis.


It is with special pleasure that I report on my visit to Tanzania in April. I was able to spend an entire day with the children in the orphanage of Kibaha – it was a wonderful experience. To be honest: It was not easy for me to leave the children behind me upon leaving in the evening.


I thank you for all these achievements, it truly would be impossible to bring so much forward without you. This year again a lot of our friends requested donations for ‘Paulchen’ instead of presents for their own; thank you for your generosity in the name of all children and our support teams. We would be glad to welcome you at one of our projects so you can see the fruit of our work in person.



And how about 2014?


Next year we will focus on Argentina which will need to continue to prosper without Gudrun and Josef. We are happy to have support from Mechthild, a long-term friend who has been living in Argentina for many years. Furthermore we will continue to push the completion of the Medical Center in Sri Lanka and want to enable more children the move to our orphanage in Tanzania.


So far for the news from Paulchen Esperanza. I would like to wish you, your families and friends a calm and peaceful Christmas holiday and all the best for 2014.


With best regards,


Yours sincerely 


Petra Hammelmann

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