Christmas Greetings 2014

Dear Friends and Supporters of Paulchen Esperanza,

Christmas is the time we think of our loved ones. We bring joy to them and we also think of all the people in the world who own so much less than we do. We decorate the house and garden, bake cookies and enjoy the cheerful smile of all the children who have anxiously been awaiting Santa Claus for weeks. For most of us it is the most enchanting time of the year!

We may, however, forget that Santa Claus and his elves are not just working at Christmas time to ensure that the children obtain their presents in time. Do we need a firm date to think of others? Paulchen Esperanza is engaged throughout the year helping, together with you: Our elves!

Knowing that grief does not care about seasons our elves prepare presents right when they are needed. They are usually not a new bicycle or a Barbie, they are rather fundamental improvements in the conditions of life for those who believe that the most precious presents possible are education and good medical care.

Christmas is the time to say THANK YOU and to be proud of all we have achieved together so far. In the name of all children and teenagers who received support from Paulchen Esperanza this year we thank all our wonderful supporters, our honorary staff on site at our projects and our generous donators. Without our elves the work that was undertaken would not have been accomplished. You all have made numerous presents this year and it is you who have ensured that lots of wishes came true.

THANK YOU for the single most generous donation that enabled us to finish the Medical Center in Galle (Sri Lanka) in 2014 and to renew Humberto’s office roof at LEP in Garin (Argentina).

THANK YOU Anne-Marie Flammersfeld! Your many successes have attracted the public who in turn donated so much more for Paulchen Esperanza. We share your pride and happiness about your impressive performance this year and thank you for letting our ‘Paulchen’ run together with you.

THANK YOU Michael Walther! We are proud to welcome you as our second Ambassador and hope that you will always take Paulchen with you going forward – just as you did on this year’s 9-hour stand-up paddling tour to Denmark in July.

I would like to take the opportunity to report on the progress we have made in our projects last year.

Sri Lanka

In February my husband and I visited Sri Lanka where we were delighted to see how much our kindergartens are appreciated. The people welcomed us warmly and proudly presented their work.

Furthermore we had a very emotional visit at the Medical Center in Galle. On the day of our visit they had a ‘cardio day’ as well as some educational classes regarding diabetics. Six doctors worked all day to get through with the many visitors who came!

During our visit we joined a so-called eye camp in Kandy. More than 200 glasses could be handed to person in need after a voluntarily working doctor saw them. We brought all the glasses with us from Germany for this event.


In May I travelled to Tanzania in order to learn about the current status of our projects in the country. All of them are in good shape – as we had hoped for.
The children living in the orphanage are growing up happily and we hope that more children will follow soon. Our Tinga Tinga paintings continue to sell successfully in the Dermatology Clinic of Tübingen University. 100 % of the proceeds from these sales are allocated to the orphanage in Tanzania. Special thanks go to our dear friend Birgit for heading the Tinga Tinga marketing and sales campaign in Tübingen.


Lots of changes have occurred in Argentina since Gudrun and Josef left. We are very happy and thankful that Mechtild has taken over the management of our projects over there. When visiting in October we were able to witness how everything is going. The children at ‘Los Luceros’ are following a promising path of personal development with Maria Marta. At LEP Humberto has accomplished a lot by continuously expanding the health and educational offerings.

‚El Jaguel‘, originally founded as a care center for children, has been transformed into a home for male teenagers.  This is a big conceptual change of course and we are happy to report that – despite some difficulties during start-up – the project is running smoothly now.

My wish for the New Year is that we can help even more children and that we will be able to continue to work with strong and motivated project teams. Please spread the word about our work when meeting friends and family - and stay in touch with us. Thanks for promoting our projects that are always updated on

Wishing you and your families a quiet, relaxing season, a merry Christmas and a healthy, peaceful and happy new year 2015.

Sincerely yours,

Petra Hammelmann

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