Christmas Greetings 2015

Dear friends of ‚Paulchen Esperanza‘!

2015 is a special year: On 1 December 2005 ‚Paulchen Esperanza‘ was officially recognized as a non-profit organization – so we are celebrating our 10th anniversary today! Back in 2005 we really thought that our income from interest was sufficient to finance our projects, however, we quickly learned that this was too ambitious a goal. Interest rates continued to fall ever since and the downward trend is expected to continue.

Therefore we rely on your donations even more – and we say THANK YOU!

We are proud of everything we have achieved together thus far. We are proud of all participants in any of our projects. We are proud of you, our sponsors. You are giving hope to so many children and young women! Due to your engagement a lot of our fosterlings manage to escape hardship and to live a life on their own.

My husband and I regularly visit our projects in Argentina, Tanzania and Sri Lanka. Every visit is an enrichment for us personally as we are welcomed with the utmost and honest appreciation and overwhelming warmth. We have so many helpers, and they use your donations to the best benefit for all. Without them none of our projects would succeed, therefore we want to say a special ‘Thank You’ today to these unselfish and diligent supporters on-site.

This year we went to Tanzania and Argentina and were delighted to see how much we have progressed. Our friend Ananda Rupasinghe visited our projects in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka and Argentina account for the main headlines of this year. The Medical Center in Sri Lanka has finally been finished and our doctor Anoma, who has been very ill, has fully recovered. We also saw the roof of Humberto’s office in Garin (LEP) almost collapsing and were able to replace it entirety. We were only able to launch these two initiatives with the help of a special and significant donation and would like to take this opportunity to thank the generous sponsor.

All other projects are also progressing much to our satisfaction.

However, I would like to underlign a special circumstance, which allowed us to collect a check to the amount of EUR 10,000. In the framework of the ‘Players Night’ in Hamburg the well-known German actor Rhea Harder donated this amount and we decided to spend the money in Hamburg.

At the board level we had already been discussing to potentially support the refugees in Hamburg and have now decided to engage in two areas: Firstly a soccer project for young refugees and secondly an initiative that teaches young girls and women to ride the bicycle.

We needed the most efficient connections to be successful and received active support from the ‘National Foundation Hamburg’. Many thanks!

2015 also continued to see the support of our sportive ambassadors Anne-Marie Flammersfeld and Michael Walther who surprised again with spectacular actions to support ‘Paulchen Esperanza’.

In August, Michael Walther took his stand-up paddling board to the Baltic Sea. Starting in Kiel he reached Flensburg (106 km away) in no less than 24 hours! This is a tremendous success and a lot of companies had sponsored this event. Therefore we were able to collect a significant amount for our foundation - Thanks to you Michael!

Earlier on, in July, Anne-Marie put our mascot Paulchen into her backpack to accomplish another spectacular adventure called ‚Bottom Up Africa‘. This race started in Tanga on the Indian Ocean by bicycle, and Anne-Marie reached Moshi at the foot of the Kilimanjaro after four days and 400 kilometers. After this milestone she started to run up to the peak of the Kilimanjaro!

None of you will be surprised when we tell you that she succeeded – and that she placed our Paulchen mascot on top of the Kilimanjaro!

We stayed in Tanzania for a few more days and showed Anne-Marie and her team our project work – which of course they were delighted to see. Very soon we will post their ‘road movie’ on YouTube where you can see everything ‘live’. It was a pleasure to visit our orphans at the same time, have lunch, sing and play with them. We also spent time at our project TSE in Dar es Salaam where a warm welcome was prepared for us and the young people presented their work (dancing, singing, acrobatics and acting). We thank Anne-Marie and her team for the support!

Our successful work will continue in 2016 and I do count on your continued support. Besides progressing in many projects we will launch our global interaction on facebook.

I am looking back to a successful year full of positive events for ‘Paulchen Esperanza’ and would like to close by wishing you and your families a peaceful and relaxing holiday season as well as all the best for the coming year.

Sincerely yours,
Petra Hammelmann

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