Christmas Greetings 2015

Dear friends of ‚Paulchen Esperanza‘! 2015 is a special year: On 1 December 2005 ‚Paulchen Esperanza‘ was officially recognized as a non-profit organization – so we are celebrating our 10th anniversary today! Back in 2005 we really thought that our income from interest was sufficient to finance our projects, however, we quickly learned that this was too ambitious a goal. Interest rates continued to fall ever since and the downward trend is expected to continue. Therefore we rely on your donations even more – and we say THANK YOU! We are proud of everything we have achieved together thus far. We are proud of all participants in any of our projects. We are proud of you, our sponsors. You are giving hope to so many children and young women! Due to your engagement a lot of our fosterlings manage to escape hardship and to live a life on their own.


Christmas Greetings 2014

Dear Friends and Supporters of Paulchen Esperanza, Christmas is the time we think of our loved ones. We bring joy to them and we also think of all the people in the world who own so much less than we do. We decorate the house and garden, bake cookies and enjoy the cheerful smile of all the children who have anxiously been awaiting Santa Claus for weeks. For most of us it is the most enchanting time of the year!


Christmas Greetings 2013

  Dear Paulchen Esperanza Friends,   Time to say ‚thank you‘, like we always do at the end of each year. ‘Thank you’ in the name of all children and our support teams for your generous contributions. It is your personal engagement that enables us to further develop our projects and provide children with more quality in their lives and, in particular, with a perspective for a better future.


Christmas letter

Dear friends and supporters of ‚Paulchen Esperanza Stiftung‘!
Slowly but surely 2012 is approaching its end – time to reflect about what it has been all about. First and foremost I want to express my heartfelt thanks for your generous donations. I do this in the name of all the children we jointly support and our dedicated staff in all countries. This year’s achievements would not be what they are without your financial and your many other contributions.


Christmas Letter

Dear friends of the Paulchen Esperanza Foundation,
Once again, a year has passed by and I would sincerely like to thank you on behalf of all children, field help and volunteers for your generous support. Especially in times of economic turmoil, we heavily rely on your financial support in order to grow our projects and allow for a promising future for our children.