Objectives of the foundation

The foundation pursues the direct and exclusive aim of sponsoring children and youth welfare service as well as supporting women who are deprived, indigent or in financial distress through no fault of their own.
The endowment of the foundation is realized by field work and by financial sponsorship of the corresponding projects at home and abroad. This comprises the sponsorship and the support in setting up and improving living quarters as well as the support of ambulant and therapeutic institutions. It comprises the care for children and young people who are orphaned or who cannot stay with their families temporarily or permanently due to other reasons. Moreover, the above described target group is intended to get support in education by taking over cost for school books and material as well as for private lessons. It is also the aim to support handicapped children and youths. The foundation directly and exclusively pursues charitable aims as described in the “tax-sheltered purposes” section of the German General Fiscal Law.